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WW2 Evacuees – new exciting World War 2 Evacuees Experiences and residential experience for children studying WW2 at Level 2 in the National Curriculum.

ww2 evacuee experience pictureImagine being able to take your pupils back to war-time England in the 1940's to experience life as a child evacuee as part of a fun, safe, exciting visit.

Our programme – which is the only one of it's kind in the U.K. you can include one or two simple pre-visit classroom activities — making their own I.D. label and Gas Mask box (we will supply templates to booked groups) This can help to get them into role for when they arrive as an evacuee.

Children At War

Our centre is a unique WW2 heritage site having been the Headquarters of the USAAF Fighter Command from 1942–1945 — and where we still have 12 WW2 buildings.

From the moment they arrive the children will get a feel what life could have been like for an evacuee. The billeting officer sets the scene and the children start getting into role by learning and participating in household chores and experience the differences of life in school including handling pre-decimal coinage and its worth.

During the second day they will follow a rotation of activities where they will visit our 1940s house where they will be able to see how people lived and handle clothing and artefacts from the period.

Visit the Dig for Victory garden to understand the importance of this slogan, and take part in air raid procedures.

Experience a bombed – out London street and visit our 1940's museum again where they will be able to handle various artefacts.

The land army and the use of animals during the war may be fitted into the programme if appropriate.

On their final day there will be a V.E. Day Victory Lunch before they leave to return to modern day England.

For one whole day their meals will be based on original WW2 food with a menu from the period.

iIn the evenings they will enjoy playing some traditional board and table games such as "Beetle Drive or "Housey Housey". There is also the option to visit the Funworld for a soft play session at an extra cost albeit not quite the 1940s!

This unique residential experience will bring the period vividly to life and throughout the programme comparisons will be made between modern and WWll experiences.

We believe this experience will truly enhance your children's understanding of this unique period in our history — the Child Evacuation programme was after all the biggest ever movement of population experienced in Great Britain.

The programme could cost as little as £95 per child (minimum group size 30) excluding VAT.

We also run a Day Visit WW2 Experience from only £7.50 (exc VAT) per child!

*See the Education Guardian Feature of 18th December 2007.

If you would like further information on either the 3-day or 1-day visits please contact Rachel Collins/ Pat Currie on 01923 233841.

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